The Shop is Open!


Woohoo! Well, after a bit of a rushed week making clothing, sorting out a model (thank you Kelly – you looked gorgeous!) I was finally able to get 3 items into my shop!
Things seem to be going so slowly for the moment and, as finances aren’t as great as they could be, it’s not easy buying provisions to make more stock but we will get there! Still working WordPress out too so have a lot on my plate for now! Poor little brain will be going into meltdown!



About ariadnescloset

Hey! Ariadnes Closet has been born from me taking a complete life change in my 40's! Ahem! Left my job after a period of ill health and up-sticks moved from our bustling lives as "townies" across to the other side of the country, in the peaceful Lincolnshire countryside! So, what's a girl to do with herself in her country cottage? Sew of course! Ariadne is a Greek Goddess who was the keeper of the labyrinth and who used her ball of thread to weave the universe. Her tale encourages us to follow our own path, weave our way through to our ultimate destiny! So to design and create these beautiful, earthy and individual items for you to enjoy is where my path has taken me! The wonderful thing is that these items can be still changed further by their owners to suit their mood or their needs as they tread their own paths! How exciting!

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    • Hello my lovely and thank you so much for stopping by! I’m just posting some pics from my shop stock if you ever fancy a peek! Can’t quite get my head round WordPress just yet but I’m getting there I think! x

      • I’m so impressed that you’ve got some pieces in your shop already. I’ve been blogging and planning (and talking about) to do much the same…. for over a year! If you need any wordpress help just shout! πŸ™‚

      • I just had a look at your blog (and followed you!) and you look more than ready to go! Lets hold hands, hold our breath and jump in together! Lol! It’ll be ok!
        What kinds of things are you hoping to do? Oh, and thank you very much for your offer of help! πŸ™‚ I think I may just need it! x

      • Bless your cottons! Thank you. I would like to design and make clothes to sell too. Main thing holding me back is the small issue of a full time day job! I am a freelance graphic designer, the freelanceness of which was meant to buy me more me-time. But it hasn’t quite worked out like that yet! I will get there, one day, I hope! Thank you for following me. I’m now following you too and looking forward to seeing more of your creations.

      • Hey thank you for being my first follower! I know what you mean hon. It is such a juggling act because setting up any new business takes a lot oif time, and an on-line business is 5% making your product and 95% getting it seen! SOOOOOOO time consuming! Gotta get your business head on! This weekend choose 1 item to make. One day off next week, buy your stuff and cut it out. One day the following week sew it up. There’s your first thing! I think when you have a busy schedule like yours it is very easy to be overwhelmed with the vastness of the challenge and therefore end up doing nothing. I certainly find it easier to achieve if I set myself smaller tasks. Crikey I’ve even had to teach myself photoshop! You have too much talent – get it out there! x

      • I am so glad to have you on board! You make a fantastic mentor! And you are absolutely right of course. Its so much easier broken down. I’m good on Photoshop…. rubbish at business! x

      • Pah! I can talk the talk – but when it comes to walking the walk I know how easy it is for a creative mind to get distracted!
        I will be looking forward to hearing about your first official creation! x

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