So what does a sewist do with no sewing machine? :(


So, disaster strikes! My poor Etsy store is looking a bit sparse at the moment and I’ve been beavering away planning and starting to sew more stock.

However, my poor little sewing machine decided that enough was enough and freaked out every time I tried to sew more than 5 inches! Waaaahhhh!

So, little sewing machine has gone into retirement and I’ve had to put my overlocker on EBay to boost my Tracey-needs-a-new-sewing-machine fund. 😦

So, what does a girl do whilst waiting to be blessed with better equipment? “Ahem!” She makes accessories!

Fabric flowers to be more specific!

I’ve decided that I want to photograph my new dresses with the models wearing co-ordinating floral wrist cuffs, headbands, brooches, etc. So this seemed as good a time as any to get this done!

There are so many brilliant tutorials on the net that are easily found by putting “fabric flower tutorials” into Google or Pinterest. Believe me, it’s an awesome way to use up your scrap fabric and there is no end of inspiration out there! Give it a go guys!

Tracey x



About ariadnescloset

Hey! Ariadnes Closet has been born from me taking a complete life change in my 40's! Ahem! Left my job after a period of ill health and up-sticks moved from our bustling lives as "townies" across to the other side of the country, in the peaceful Lincolnshire countryside! So, what's a girl to do with herself in her country cottage? Sew of course! Ariadne is a Greek Goddess who was the keeper of the labyrinth and who used her ball of thread to weave the universe. Her tale encourages us to follow our own path, weave our way through to our ultimate destiny! So to design and create these beautiful, earthy and individual items for you to enjoy is where my path has taken me! The wonderful thing is that these items can be still changed further by their owners to suit their mood or their needs as they tread their own paths! How exciting!

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    • Aw thank you sweetheart! Honestly though, they are so easy that I feel guilty taking any credit for their beauty! Lol! Why not have a go yourself? They are actually quite therapeutic to do while just sitting in front of the TV at night!

      Tracey x

    • Thanks Beth! Praise indeed! Lol!

      If you do give them a go Id love to see how you use them! I Have been making mine with some ideas already in mind but I also think I’ll just carry on using them as an evening craft while watching TV so that I have a big stash of them to dip into for any project that pops up!

      They are great for embellishing clothes and cushions, bedspreads, wall hangings,hair grips, shoes, teddies, the list goes on and on!

      Tracey x

  1. So cute. I have been looking at some tutorials recently but these are defo a winner. I like the way they are so tightly rolled. Fingers crossed you get a new machine soon πŸ™‚

    • Oh gosh it is awful not having a machine! I keep looking around at my half finished projects and don’t know what to do with myself! So thank you for your kind thoughts! Hopefully, if my overlocker sells for a reasonable price on EBay then I should be able to order one by the weekend!

      Have you had a project in mind that you want to use your flowers for? I keep thinking of all sorts of things that I can use them for! Its certainly a great way to eat up that fabric stash in a good way!

      Tracey x

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