Bio: Hey! Ariadnes Closet has been born from me taking a complete life change in my 40's! Ahem! Left my job after a period of ill health and up-sticks moved from our bustling lives as "townies" across to the other side of the country, in the peaceful Lincolnshire countryside! So, what's a girl to do with herself in her country cottage? Sew of course! Ariadne is a Greek Goddess who was the keeper of the labyrinth and who used her ball of thread to weave the universe. Her tale encourages us to follow our own path, weave our way through to our ultimate destiny! So to design and create these beautiful, earthy and individual items for you to enjoy is where my path has taken me! The wonderful thing is that these items can be still changed further by their owners to suit their mood or their needs as they tread their own paths! How exciting!

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