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A little bit of mindfulness from the British countryside!



No sewing chat today! Well not much anyway!
Here in the UK Mother Nature is certainly taking her sweet time in allowing spring to be sprung and even – dare I even dream – to let summer get a look in!
Where I live always seems even more “harsh” in weather terms as we are on the coastline of north east Lincolnshire in the UK with farmers fields on 3 sides of us and a sand flat nature reserve on the 4th side! So, although surrounded by such beauty, we are very exposed.
Nevertheless, today the sun is shining and, as I was hanging out the washing, I became aware of the amazing sound of the peaceful place in which my family and I live!
The wind has taken a more gentle tone and is now just rustling through the trees rather than trying to uproot them! With it the amazing smell from the hawthorn blossoms perfumes everything around me. As my laundry is batted to and fro there is a gentle squeak and clunk from the posts supporting the washing line, putting me in mind of the sound you would hear whilst sailing a yacht with its sails hoisted. And the birdsong! Living in the countryside AND by a nature reserve I am coming to learn to recognise the song and the appearance of birds I’ve never even seen before, such as the sweet little yellow hammer!
It’s also my birthday today! Eek – there goes another year – but my gift to myself was to simply allow myself the time to sit, coffee in hand and cat by my side, (you will never find me far from either of those!) and just enjoy the beautiful, captivating sounds of nature just being nature!
Have a great day everyone! ❤