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And so it begins…..!


Hi! Well here we are then! Ariadnes Closet is my blog depicting my journey of setting up and managing what I hope to be a flourishing small business of gawjuss clothing suited to those who like something a little different, flowing, organic, quirky, clever…! Well, this is my plan!

This all came about after a period of ill health.  My husband, son and daughter and I all lived in a crowded large town with all the pressure that brings and decided to just up-sticks and motor off to the opposite side of the country for a complete life change! So we are know in the most rural spot we could find in the beautiful Lincolnshire countryside, surrounded by fields and bordering a nature reserve!

I had left my job and found myself at a crossroads as to where my life was going, so this is where it has brought me! Knocking on the door of Ariadnes Closet! Ariadne is a Greek Goddess, walker of the labyrinth Imageand weaver of the web of the universe. In short, she encourages us to weave our own way through the twists and turns of life, guided by her thread! And so the name for the venture was born! My products will be sold through www.ariadnescloset.etsy.com my new Etsy store, and I truly do welcome suggestions or requests so don’t be shy!

This blog will follow my trials and tribulations in getting all of this off the ground and also offer some insights into my life, such as it is! Also, I’m a total novice to blogging so please be patient with me! I am a good learner but always self taught so it takes a while!

Now, how to post this and make it look pretty….