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Well, there I was, just washed a new dress I’d made for myself (quite pleased with it too) and just took it off the washing line to iron and THERE IT WAS!!!!frigging ugly brown spider with yellow spots crawling all over my dress! WAAAAAHHHHH!!!!
Well, of course, I promptly took said dress outside for a good shaking but then realised I didn’t see it fall on the floor!
With cold sweaty realisation it dawned on me that the dress was made with ENORMOUSpockets within which said spider could now be making itself at home quite nicely!
Now, shaking a spider off a dress is one thing but delving into pockets the size of handbags (purses for my American friends) was not a task I relished. Nevertheless, with Indiana Jones-like bravery in I went but alas, no reward and the position of the spider remains a mystery to me.
Consequently, I now itch and crawl all over! Brrrrrrrr! I truly hate that but at least they are usually littluns! This was much bigger! I know! Such a woos! But there it is!

Oh, and sorry for not blogging much later but I’ve not been tickety boo with a prolapsed disc in my back! The Amy Winehouse level of medication that I’m on (and I TRULY promise no disrespect to the awesomely talented Amy) has finally got the pain under control PLUS I now have a new sewing maching so hope to be back and producing more bits n bobs soon!

Love to you all!

Tracey xxx